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Food postoperative

After an intervention which surgical approach was performed in the mouth, it is advisable to consume appropriate foods.

– Wake

After an intervention which surgical approach was made in the stuffy, it is advisable to eat foods mous and cold during the 48 early hours ; then soft and not too hot during the 13 days following.

Cold feed 48 early hours reduces potential bleeding and pain. This cold food only useful during the 48 early hours, it is unnecessary to extend beyond.

– Aspects of Food

The softness Food avoids trauma surgical approach, whose consequences can be pain and reopening scars.
Furthermore it is advisable to avoid foods very small that could come between the stitches and create infections: semolina, peanuts, rice, peas…
foods are preferred as purees, and mixed products.

– osteosynthesis

If a gesture ofosteosynthesis (Medical term for fixing bone fragments) was conducted, as after surgery orthognathic or after a jaw fracture, The soft diet is mandatory for 45 days in order not to move the bone fragments as they consolidate.

– Constraints

These dietary constraints often lead to inadequate nutrition and deficient. Finally diet is also supposed to be fun can quickly become a chore.

– The recipes

To help you in this period several recipes were selected for guidance. Obviously they are to reconcile with your own dietary constraints (medical, tastes ...).

– Discover ideas for recipes you well fed and to speed your recovery.