"Excellence in mind, the patient in the heart "

This is the motto of the clinic Saint George. Tirelessly, it strives to energize teams, to work with rigor and learn about the latest health recommendations.


The High Authority for Health

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The Health Authority

The High Authority of Health (HAS) decided, in January 2016 certification clinic Saint George (A) for a period of six years by the V2014 procedure and encourages it to continue its management approach to quality and risk.

The V2014 certification process, placed under the control of the HAS, applies to all health facilities (private, PSPH and public) all 6 years. It aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of the care of patients throughout the French territory.

The details of the decisions taken by the High Authority of Health as part of the certification of the clinic Saint George is available on the website of the HAS

  • V1 Certification: visit in June 2000, with certification 3 recommendations, pronounced in April 2001.
  • V2 Certification: visit in January 2005, certification without recommendation or reservation, pronounced in May 2006.
  • V2010 Certification: visit in January 2010, certification without recommendation or reservation, pronounced in January 2011.
  • V2014 Certification: visit in January 2015, A certification (equivalent to certification "without recommendation or reservation") in January 2016.


Requirements and Ethics

"Excellence in mind, the patient in the heart ", is the motto of the clinic Saint George. Every day, we strive to revitalize our organizations, to work with rigor and keep us informed of the new recommendations.

This dynamic improvement is implemented through monitoring of measurement indicators: quality indicators and safety of care (IQSS) health institution.

The dissemination of these results allows:

  • To help healthcare facilities improve continuously;
    To inform users about the quality of hospital care taken;
  • To inform policy decisions at the regional or national level.

Where can I see these results?

Every year, during the week of Patient Safety (SSP), these indicators are available to patients and displayed in the main crossing points.

As well, These results are published and available on the website Health Scope.
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